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"An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which an information society is built." - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
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What is our mission?

Teleonline is a platform for mobile content services for all future generations. Here we create the future and provide solutions in the field of telecommunications and offer a diverse package of services. We are number 1 for finding answers in the telecommunications system.


USSD Messages

It is important to find a way to successfully manage unstructured data on additional services, sometimes called quick codes. To better handle the communication protocol that GSM mobile phones use to communicate with mobile network computers.

PUSH Communication

For communication when recipients only need information, without an immediate response that is not sensitive. With our help, learn how to push the offer through the marketing channel, whereby each channel is directed to a different target market.

SMS Strategy

With Short Message Service as one of the marketing tools, learn how to powerfully but easily send promotional messages to receptive users via text.

To keep the user it's all about communication. Once you decide to communicate with your customers, you can determine how effective you want your communication strategy to be. Finally, customers respond to text messages, which are one of the most convenient ways to communicate. When interacting with a mobile app or text messages, users leave a trail of information that can be put together to create a specific context. With this interaction, you will be able to create a better relationship with the customer.

WAP Protocol

With us, you will have access to information with the help of a wireless network without much cost as well as time spent. With the help of WAP, you will be able to communicate with databases via mobile devices, as well as with application servers.

Straightforward Connection

Teleonline connects you with all trusted partners so they can deliver their messages around the world.


Since mobile phones are the best marketing tool as they support the widespread application of SMS, take advantage of bulk messaging. They have a wider and faster range, it improves the image of the company because it presents it as technically sophisticated. It builds better rapport since it receives personalized SMS and is ideal for busy recipients.

Why are we the best

You can find us anywhere in the world. We help optimize the slowest connections and solve accessibility issues.

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    We connect you with all the important networks ...

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    We always try to learn what kind of service clients want the most ...

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    We communicate with a million clients every day, which is why we always try to have content that they will not be able to find anywhere else.


No matter how complicated the problem is, we offer a solution at any time. Get in touch with us so we could make a difference with innovative creations.